Tuesdays with U3A

Last Tuesday I attended a Tuesdays with U3A, again, on Zoom with Pat and their group. I found it very interesting and enjoyable.
It was quite different to the old style of Tuesdays with U3A. There were different contributions from various members.

Our U3A has been very strong on keeping up the social communication among members who have retired.

The use of Zoom came about as a response to the Covig-19 virus and self isolation being practiced in the community. Tuesday Talks is not the only U3A course to continue by using Zoom.

Interest in using Zoom was developed by Graeme, Liz and Pat who saw the advantage in using that technology for all the members. Both have used Face-time [Mac technology] to communicate with friends, family and colleagues.

This self isolation is bringing a revolution in communication using Zoom, Face-time and similar programs. Change is happening in other than communication.

Zoom is an easy to use, free, cross platform technology. This can be used to connect to anyone who has a compatible, computer, tablet or phone that has a camera.

Our own experiences with self Isolation shows some of the changes that are happening.
We rang up to arrange an appointment with our GP as we needed our prescriptions renewed. An appointment was arranged and our Dr called us and had a phone in consultation.

To cut a long story short, the Dr then emailed our renewed prescriptions to our pharmacist. Our next step was to trot off to collect them in the next week.

Another enforced difference was where my cousin died and I was invited to the funeral except it was being held 4000km away and it was limited to 10 people.
The invitation was to view the funeral service on his home property. It was conducted through YouTube using a predetermined link.

Even though I have been to a number of services in the flesh this online one was the most moving and memorable.

While I am on a personal note, I am now talking to my children and brothers weekly by Zoom and Face-time, as they were in the same self isolating boat

Previously, to this, our communication was a little more haphazard by text or phone.

The self isolation could bring massive changes in the way business, government and people communicate limited only by education and technology. This communication can be by Zoom, Face-time, YouTube, TED to name a few.
Maybe some programs, yet to be developed, may take us in completely unknown directions that will leave us behind, sitting in our wheelchairs knitting, if we cannot keep up with these changes.

It is unlikely for us to snap back to all the old ways.

I would like to thank Graeme, Liz and Pat for promoting Zoom for our U3A

U3A Northern Rivers (Lismore) Inc.