Technology Group

As there aren't classes until the Corona virus emergency is over we can run a series of information ideas through this website.
These will be along the lines of where a question is proposed and participants are invited do online research.

As we do not have a NBN connection reliable enough for Zoom presentations but we could be willing to assist anyone who wishes to conduct them.

The word Technology in Information Technology is a hard word to define.

Technology constantly evolves and morphs.

The sundial, wheel, and zipper were all huge leaps in technology in their own day, but most of us regard them as commonplace conveniences.
We now tend to think of Desktop/Laptop Computers, Tablets and Mobile Phones whenever we think of technology.
It is more than just that.

What all these types of technology do is collect and shift data around in a digital way.

So what I like to try and do is look at the information side of the words Information Technology

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