Tuesday Classes

NEW — Islam Begins: 29 January
Time: 10.00 am to 12.00 noon
Venue: Lismore Workers' Club, Keen St., Lismore
Convener: Hendrik de Vries 6689 1233
With Islam in the news almost daily, often in a negative way, people may wonder whether it is a religion preaching violence. Religion is at the base of quite a few modern conflicts: in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, among others. Islamic State is still not completely defeated. So what is Islam, is it compatible with our democracy, is it necessary for women to hide behind a veil? What is the difference between a sunni and a shi'ite, what is an imam or an ayatollah?
Form your opinion on these topics on a better informed basis. We use a $5 booklet as a guide through the course and this gives us more time for discussion, while keeping ‘notes’ to a minimum.

NEW — Current, Controversial and/or Curious Begins: 29 January
Time: 10.00 am to 12.00 noon
Venue: Downstairs room in Goonellabah Sports Club in Oliver Avenue
Convener: Pam Parish 6624 4609 or 0429 901 371
A new discussion group for people who are interested in voicing their opinion and listening to others voice theirs. Topics hopefully will be informative and may be controversial. If you dont wish to use the stairs you can enter through doors at the northern end — which means you could park further down.
All are welcome. There is no waiting list.

Literature and Opera
Begins: 29 January
Time: 10.00 am to 12.00 noon
Venue: St. Matthew's Community Centre, 3 Jubilee Avenue, Goonellabah
Conveners: Lindsay Aitkin 0402 003 453 lindsayaitkin@dodo.com.au
Alison Siliakus 6628 8108 or 0401 346 607
We will study the well-known Shakespearean comedy “Twelfth Night” and will show at least two versions of the play on DVD; also read aloud and discuss as we go. The screen at our venue can be seen easily and there will be subtitles. You will need your own copy — Arden Shakespeare edition is good and it is also available online from The Book Depository.
Later we will move on to History Plays, other literary forms and new Operas.
Newcomers are always very welcome.

Language Miscellany
Begins: 29 January
Time: 10.00 am to 12.00 noon
Venue: Presbyterian Church Hall, Keen St., Lismore
Contact: Shirley Beaver 0434 905 364 beaver121@optusnet.com.au
An interactive course for language lovers. We'll be looking at some of the peculiarities of language in general and the English language in particular. Are there word usages that annoy you? Phrases and idioms that puzzle you? Sentences that you have to read ten times, but still can't understand? We'll try to find answers to some of your questions, and to others that you haven't even thought of.

Begins: 29 January
Time: 8.30 am to 9.45 am
Venue: Silvercloud Studios, 14 Foleys Road, Lismore
Tutor: Connie Sporne 0413 519 775
“Hatha yoga” is the style I teach which is suitable for everyone, or, “Yoga for Health”. Expect a slower-paced stretching-focused class with some basic breathing exercises.
Hatha classes are a good place to work on your alignment, learn relaxation techniques and become comfortable with doing yoga while building strength and flexibility.

Qigong and Tai Chi
This class will not resume until Term II, but see Thursday's class

Hand Embroidery
Resumes: 29 January
Time: 9.30 am to 12.00 noon
Venue: Uniting Church Hall, 14 Bugden Avenue, Alstonville
Convener: Sue Beacroft 6621 7348
This term we will be offering Schwalm embroidery, a form of whitework embroidery which originated in Germany — or you can choose to work on personal projects of any type.
New members are always welcome, no experience or expertise needed. Come and try!

Tuesdays With U3A
Resumes: 5 February
Time: 1.40 for 2.00 to 4.00 pm
Venue: Lismore Workers' Club, Keen St.
Contact: Pat MacLaren-Smith 6622 7408
Tuesdays with U3A offers a variety of educational presentations. Topics may include travel, history, science, nature, music etc. All members welcome.
No need to enrol.
Program for Term I prepared by Pat MacLaren-Smith assisted by Gina Murray.
Special thanks to equipment people Brian Sykes, Jim Hindmarsh and Eric Davison. Photos taken on Tuesdays by Robyn Hardy.

February 5: Ron Taylor will present In The Footsteps Of The Mayans — A videography trip across southern Mexico and Guatemala.
Firstly we travel to the ancient Mayan ruins of Chichzen Itza, Uxmal and Palenque. Next we will travel further west to the villages of San Cristobal, Chamula & Xincatan before reaching the stunningly beautiful Lake Atilan which is surrounded by 3 volcanos and numerous villages each having their own language, dress and culture. It is then onward to Chichicastenango before finishing in the amazing UNESCO World Heritage city of Antigua.
Forget about what Trump says about Mexico and what is portrayed in old Hollywood movies, this is an amazing diverse country with lovely people, culture, food, gardens history and Tequila.
February 12: Nathan Parker — Never give up: an inspirational story.
From an early age Nathan Parker wanted to be a fighter pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force flying F/A-18 Hornets, until a Defence bus rollover in November 2015 resulted in the loss of his left hand. During his presentation, Nathan will share his personal story of resilience that has seem him recover from his injuries, return to the air, represent Australia at the Invictus Games, and continue to chase his dreams.
February 19: Seniors Day at the Regional Art Gallery.
See programme, e-board and Facebook for times and details.
February 26: U3A member John Zaat
Topic: From Bletchley Park to Mt. Indimenticabile: a journey towards creating unforgettable passwords, plus other travel stories.
More exciting than the Kokoda Track, more useful than the Da Vinci Code! Join us on the trail to the Holy Grail of contemporary internet usage — the strong, and UNFORGETTABLE website password.
Let me be your tour guide on this easy-peasy learney-journey, that will take us through rarely visited places like
Algorithm, Dictionary, Character and Camelcode, not to mention Salting, Symbol and Octothorpe, all of which we'll explore on our way to conquering the summit of Mt. INDIMENTICABILE!
No need to pack any luggage: everything you need will be provided; just bring your inquisitive self, your sense of fun and your spirit of adventure.
And no need to take photos or make notes or remember anything; afterwards you'll be able to take away your own souvenir copy of the tour's itinerary — a cheat-sheet with all the “how-to” details!
March 5: U3ANR Lismore AGM.
Celebrate 25 years of U3A in Lismore — afternoon tea provided.
March 12: Alan MacLean
Topic: Down Under Wonder
Australia is the oldest — certainly the driest, hottest, flattest, most desiccated infertile, and climatically aggressive of all inhabited continents.
Alan astounds by taking you through a range of fascinating stories about the Australia that you thought you knew — The Great Inland Sea, sites and buildings the UNESCO considers World Heritage.
March 19: U3A member Richard Swinton
Topic: Losing my Outback virginity.
A gap year on a mineral research project in The Kimberley, back in the mining boom days, then a Land Rover trip some years later revisiting The Kimberley (where we were mistaken for cattle rustlers) on a round trip from Melbourne to Darwin via the Tanami desert and the Oodnadatta track.
March 26: U3A members Peter and Barbara Swain
Topic: Ethiopia
Join Peter and Barbara for a 5,000 kilometre trip through Ethiopia.
Experience the history from the remains of 3.5 million year old “Lucy” and churches dating back 1,700 years to the current challenges of their burgeoning population and influx of refugees.
Tribal groups remains little changed since medieval times, grass huts and subsistence farming.
Be ready for surprises; vivid green landscapes after annual rains, beautiful mountain scenes, sightings of the rare Ethiopian wolf and many endemic birds. Witness a traditional monastery service, an amazing ‘Bull Jumping’ tribal ceremony and more!
April 2: U3A members Michael and Joy Smith
Topic: Driving the Canning Stock Route.
In June 2017 Michael and Joy drove down the Canning Stock Route. With a total distance of 1,850 km, it is the longest historic stock route in the world and crosses the Great Sandy Desert, the Little Sandy Desert and the Gibson Desert. They will talk about the preparations needed to survive, unaccompanied, on a four wheel drive trip through the driest part of Australia.
April 9: U3A member Chris Rolfe
Look forward to more wonderful landscape photography from Chris's travels.
(More details will be posted onto e-Board and facebook closer to the time.)

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