At Mondays [18th April] U3A NR Committee Meeting, it was resolved to extend the suspension of classes until the end of Term 3 (25 September 2020) based on the current status of the COVID-19 situation and restrictions within New South Wales & Australia.

This decision will be reviewed at subsequent, monthly Committee meetings.
The next meeting will be held on 18 May 2020.

We are aware that the Government has advised that the existing arrangements will be in place for at least a further 4 weeks, that pubs/clubs & other public venues will probably not be part of any early relaxation of the restrictions and that the social distancing restrictions will be in place for many months to come.

The Committee was mindful of the impact extending the suspension would have on members and has been supportive of variations to class delivery.
At this point in time, the free version of "Zoom" video conferencing has been working well for many members and relevant classes and the training sessions on Zoom have been well-received.
We would welcome any further ideas or suggestions that would expand our capacity to provide remote learning or social interactions amongst members.
I would be happy to receive any suggestions on behalf of the Committee in this regard.
Michael Knock
Vice President

U3A Ballina/Byron Inc. have also suspended all classes and activities.
U3A Northern Rivers (Lismore) Inc.