Ten Plus Golden Rules of genealogy

1. Always work backwards from the known (yourself) to the unknown (forebears).

2. Never belief everything on a Birth, Marriage or Death certificate.

3. Never completely trust the spelling of surnames, christian names or place names etc.

4. Always check for surname variations when researching.

5. Always have a minimum of two sources of proof for each event.

6. Remember that everything is only speculative until verified.

7. Always copy documents or computer files and keep them in a safe place.

8. If a relevant document exists, read it carefully.

9. Join at least one family history society, genealogical society or historical society.

10. Share information with other researchers.

11. Donít believe family stories.

12. Store and record your data in a systematic way.

13. Note your information source with each record - it is suprising how quickly you forget.

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