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Our Electronic Mailing Lists.

One of the services our U3A offers members is the right to join up to eight separate electronic mailing lists.
Most members, when they complete their membership form, opt to be able to send and receive messages about U3ANR's activities through e-board. (electronic notice board).

Members can use e-board to exchange general U3A information, make announcements such as times of U3ANR meetings, ask or give help to other members with anything, swap/share/give away anything and sell one-off items.

Policy says e-board is not to be used for any unlawful matter, to discuss topics that other members could find offensive (i.e. politics, sexist jokes), or to advertise a range of products or services for personal gain.

If members have any problems, before emailing the webmaster they should

Apart from general e-board, members can join seven other specialist lists. These allow members to send/receive messages from others in these groups:

To send a message to all members of specialist list X, send it to:
Follow the same style to send a message to all subscribed U3ANR members via the general e-board, i.e.
If you would like to join or leave a list send your request to the Membership Secretary who will then advise the Web Administrator

You may find it convenient to add the address of e-board and any other U3A message group to your contacts list.

Messages are restricted to the equivalent of one page of plain text (15K) and they must be signed.
Attachments of any kind (photographs, Word documents) are not permitted, but you can include a simple Web address.
For further information contact our current Web Administrator,

NOTE: Our webpage (as opposed to e-board) is currently undergoing a significant rearrangement and restructure, so it is worthwhile to keep an eye on it, to note any changes that may affect you.

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