Practical Tips for Computers

Course notes kindly provided by Tutors and Conveners of U3A Classes

Quick Tips for Emails   (60 Kb - 7 pages)

Bits & Pieces

How to Stay Safe Online   (959 Kb - 9 pages)

Tried and True Tips for Windows   (34 Kb - 6 pages)

Tried and True Tips for the Web   (21 Kb - 3 pages)

Burning of CDs & DVDs

Using Files and Folders   (63 Kb - 5 pages)

Tables and their Uses   (38 Kb - 7 pages)

Labels - (Using Microsoft Word 2003)

How to Scan Slides   (38 Kb - 5 pages)

Getting Started In Publisher   

Google tips and tricks

Attach a Photo to an Email

Capturing Music Using 'Audacity'

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